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Welcome Message

Welcome to Granada Little League


We are very excited to begin the process to get to opening day 2015! Opening Day is March 7th.  

We are entering our 48th year as a league, and have goals to make this year one of our best!


We are looking forward to a great year.

The GLL Board of Directors.


 Site of the Intermediate Division 
 50/70 Little League World Series 

Opening Day is Upon Us!

2015 Opening Day 

IT IS FINALLY HERE!!!  Opening Ceremony, games, fundraising, raffle baskets, Snack Shack (world famous), and yes even PICTURES, will all happen this Saturday starting at 8:30 am.  All teams must be lined up on field #1 alphabetically by division, starting with the Upper Division teams, and finishing with our future stars, the T-Ball teams by 8:15 am.  The weather looks like it is going to be absolutely perfect, so it will be a great day for baseball! 
We are closing the fields on Friday to make sure they look great for opening day.  Thank you for not using them on Friday evening
Here is some other important information:  

So, let's just get this one out of the way, shall we? Parking for GLL events can be... difficult. This year, how about let's try to be patient and willing to walk a bit, okay? Here are some some helpful hints for you - white lines, green curbs, red curbs, driveways, crosswalks, sidewalks, and double parking are frowned upon, and are considered bad baseball form. Avoid these when you see them.
To help with our parking issue, we have received permission from Mendenhall Middle School to park on their black top by the basketball courts.  Please only park on the black top and not on the grass, or gravel area near the batting cages.  If we do this right, and we will get to do it again next year!
Remember, there is parking on Murdell and El Padro as well, that is not too much farther from the fields... But most of all, PLEASE understand if a Board Member needs to ask you to move your car. We are just trying to be good neighbors to our, well, neighbors.

Check out the renovated Snack Bar!  We will have all the good stuff you have come to expect from the our World Famous Snack bar, and some new items as well!  

Tip from an Opening Day Veteran:
Bring stick-on address labels. It will make filling out the 200 raffle tickets you buy MUCH easier, so you have more time to watch these great kids play ball... and eat.

Don't worry. The place will be crawling with cheery, helpful Board Members who will be happy to help you out. Just look for a Board Member shirt!

Picture Schedule:
Picture Schedule was sent out to all team parents, so check with them to make sure you get the photos of your future  Hall of Famer.  
Schedule for the Day:


8:00 AM - Teams line up on Field 1


8:30 AM - Opening Ceremony begins -Teams begin the Parade of Players
from Field 1 to Field 2

Snack Shack will be closed during Opening Ceremony. Sorry.
Throughout the Day:
Lots and lots of baseball!!!

Team Pictures – All Day
Snack Shack (World Famous) Open - All Day
BBQ – All Day (except from 8:20-9:30 A.M.)
GLL Logo Merchandise Sales
Raffle Basket Ticket Sales
Fundraising orders turned in
Little League Day with the A’s orders turned in

by posted 03/04/2015
TOYOTA of Livermore supports GLL!

The Independent, May 15, 2014 - Livermore Toyota has partnered with Granada Little League (GLL) to help support little league baseball for our youth. On May 3, Livermore Toyota presented GLL a check for $10,000 to help improve and maintain the GLL baseball fields and surrounding areas. This partnership will continue for three years, and will provide $30,000 in total to the GLL program. Heath Rickoff, the Business Development Manager for Livermore Toyota, stated, "We are extremely proud to support Granada Little League as a community partner in Livermore. The Sullivan Auto Group has a long history of charity contributions and community service and this gift continues that tradition. Being a large business in this city is not just about profit and loss, but being a part of the place we do business and supportive of all of the residents who have welcomed us here and offered us their amazing support. We look forward to a long partnership with Granada Little League to keep the Little League World Series here in Livermore and help be an active supporter of this great community.” The GLL Board members noted, “The generosity of Livermore Toyota will provide the youth, their families, and friends and opportunity to establish long lasting memories of their children playing baseball at a quality venue. Their involvement with GLL will allow us to continue in providing a special location where players and fans can truly enjoy a special time in our busy lives.”

by posted 05/08/2014
Field Status
Batting Cages - Livermore OPEN (3/5) 
GLL Field 1 - Livermore TBD (3/5) 
GLL Field 2 - Livermore TBD (3/5) 
GLL Field 3 - Livermore TBD (3/5) 
GLL Field 4 - Livermore TBD (3/5) 
MaxBaer1 (call 373-5702) - Livermore TBD (3/5) 
MaxBaer2 (call 373-5702) - Livermore TBD (3/5) 
T-ball Field - Livermore OPEN (3/5) 
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