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Welcome to Granada Little League


Thank you to all the volunteers who made our 48th Opening Day perfect!  Here are some photos from the day (Courtesty of Bill Nale  Have a great season everyone!  


We are looking forward to a great year.

The GLL Board of Directors.


 Site of the Intermediate Division 
 50/70 Little League World Series 


Come and celebrate with us at
closing ceremonies on June 6th

Outline for the day

  • 9am AA and AAA final Playoff game Fields 1 and 2
  • 11:15 Kids home run derby, prizes for winners
  • 1:30 Adult Home run derby
  • *$10.00 donation to enter, all processes go to the challenger program 
  • 2pm Challenger game Max Bear Field 1
  • 3pm line up for closing ceremonies
  • 3:15 Closing Ceremonies starts
  • 4:30-5pm Either Major Final game or 12 year old fun game

*Each age group will have a designated area. Tball and Farm on Field 4, A and AA on Field 3, AAA Majors 

and Upper teams on track and grass area inside of the track, please come and set up and enjoy your day.  

You are more than welcome to bring your own BBQ’s but we will have a designated area for those.

Please feel free to bring Pizza, sandwiches, etc.  The snack bar will be open only for candy, Slurpee’s, and drinks.

  • Going on most the day, Dunk tank (come and dunk the umpires), Speed toss Prize for fastest speed, Popcorn.
  • 50/50 Raffle
  • Massive water balloon toss by age groups on the Tball field.  Please bring your own water balloons all filled up.  We will send out a time for each age group soon.
  • Please bring your easy up, tables and chairs
  • No Alcohol please

by posted 05/17/2015
All-Star Team Information
GLL has an all-star team for ages 9, 10, 11 and 12 yr olds.   In addition to our all-star teams, we have summer tournaments for our black teams for the same age brackets.   To follow is an explanation of how players are eligible for and get picked for the all-star teams:
12 yr old:   must be on a Majors roster, 12 yr olds in majors will vote for the top 8 players that are 12 yrs old.   Players can't vote for themselves or anyone on their team. Majors managers and one coach from each team also get to cast a ballot for 12 players & the top 4 votes from those ballots along with the top 8 from player ballots are placed on the team.
11 yr old:   must be on a Majors roster, same rules apply as above with the exception that 11 yr olds vote for the 11 yr olds.
10 yr old:  must be on a AAA roster and the AAA managers and one coach from each team cast a ballot for 12 players.
9 yr old:  must be on a AAA roster and the AAA managers and one coach from each team cast a ballot for 12 players.
Black teams (sometimes referred to as B teams) also play in our summer tournaments.  9 yr old tournaments are played at the AAA level/rules. With that said, 9 yr olds from AAA and AA can add their name to the list of potential players for the summer teams.   9 yr olds from a single A roster are ineligible.
Any player ages 9-12 on a AA roster or higher can submit their name to their manager to be put on the interest list.   Summer tournament teams are not drafted until after All-Stars are announced on June 15th.   Please note that committing to a tournament team means that your player will play baseball for the entire month of July and that those families are expected to help run the tournaments at GLL for their age bracket week.
Any questions regarding the summer tournaments, please contact Tony Rivalie at 

by posted 05/11/2015
TOYOTA of Livermore supports GLL!

The Independent, May 15, 2014 - Livermore Toyota has partnered with Granada Little League (GLL) to help support little league baseball for our youth. On May 3, Livermore Toyota presented GLL a check for $10,000 to help improve and maintain the GLL baseball fields and surrounding areas. This partnership will continue for three years, and will provide $30,000 in total to the GLL program. Heath Rickoff, the Business Development Manager for Livermore Toyota, stated, "We are extremely proud to support Granada Little League as a community partner in Livermore. The Sullivan Auto Group has a long history of charity contributions and community service and this gift continues that tradition. Being a large business in this city is not just about profit and loss, but being a part of the place we do business and supportive of all of the residents who have welcomed us here and offered us their amazing support. We look forward to a long partnership with Granada Little League to keep the Little League World Series here in Livermore and help be an active supporter of this great community.” The GLL Board members noted, “The generosity of Livermore Toyota will provide the youth, their families, and friends and opportunity to establish long lasting memories of their children playing baseball at a quality venue. Their involvement with GLL will allow us to continue in providing a special location where players and fans can truly enjoy a special time in our busy lives.”

by posted 05/08/2014
Field Status
Batting Cages - Livermore TBD (5/23) 
GLL Field 1 - Livermore TBD (5/23) 
GLL Field 2 - Livermore TBD (5/23) 
GLL Field 3 - Livermore TBD (5/23) 
GLL Field 4 - Livermore TBD (5/23) 
MaxBaer1 (call 373-5702) - Livermore TBD (5/23) 
MaxBaer2 (call 373-5702) - Livermore TBD (5/23) 
T-ball Field - Livermore TBD (5/23) 
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