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Quick links, and a permanent GLL fundraiser!
by posted 03/22/2014

I know what you're thinking...
"I wish there was an easy way to get to the GLL information that I need, like game schedules,
from someplace handy... like right on my smart phone or tablet!"

That's a great idea! It just so happens that GLL now has an app for that.
Just download the League Hub app and begin using it to stay on top of GLL happenings You can also make your common purchases at places like Target, Amazon, Best Buy, and over 400 others. It costs you nothing. It's convenient and the easiest fundraiser ever... and it sure solves that lingering thing you have been thinking about!
Click for a video with more information:
This app was designed to provide easy access to the league information you use most often. You can view the master game schedule, contact a board member, see our valuable sponsors, and even jump directly to our 'Friends of GLL' FB page! Consider this app your mobile portal to everything GLL!

You get easy access to the GLL information that you need, and recieve valuable coupons and special offers from local companies!

GLL will receive 50¢ per MONTH for every download! So let's see... Roughly 600 players, plus their families. Let's assume (conservatively) 3 time-sucking gizmos per family. That would be... carry the 1... $900 to GLL EVERY MONTH - automatically -  if everyone just downloaded the app! Download it onto every iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Android device you have... and have everyone you know do it too! They don't have to live in, or have a player in, our league to take advantage of special offers AND raise money for GLL!

PLUS... When you make a purchase using the app, GLL will receive up to 5% of the amount of your on-line purchases! There are over 400 vendors available, including Amazon, Office Max, and Best Buy! IF you are going to buy on line... use this app!

The app currently supports all Apple and Andriod mobile devices. You can click here, or scan the QR code, or find it in your app store. Look for the League Hub badge below. Once you have downloaded it, enter our league code: D57GLL. Then buy stuff.


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An Umps-Eye View
by posted 02/23/2014

Everyone's shaking the rust off! New umpires are training now, and "old blues" are practicing while we scrimmage. Yep! Opening day is around the corner...
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Pool Players
by posted 02/22/2014
Hello Granada Little League Parents,

This year Granada Little League is offering "Pool Play" again. The guidelines are as follows under the GLL House Rules:

Should a manager know in advance that he/she cannot field a full team (9 players), the Player Agent may be contacted and a Pool Player can be used. Managers do not have a say in which players can be used from the pool as the player assigned is the next available from the list.

District 57 Pool Play regulations include:

· Pool Players are to be listed on the lineup as a Pool Player

· Pool Players must wear their own team's uniform,

· Pool Players cannot pitch

· Pool Players must play at least nine (9) consecutive defensive outs and one at bat and must bat last in the order.

Additional Comments:

· Getting your Son/Daughter on the Pool Player List: Please reply to this email if you would like your player on the pool player list. Please list the division and team currently playing in and the BEST number to contact you. We ask for 48 hours notice from a manager but sometimes it is less than that, so we need to be able to contact you the easiest and fastest way.

· Pool Player List: You will be placed on the list according to when your reply email is received. If needed I will contact you. Once a child has played a game as a Pool Player, he/she will be moved to the bottom of the list to give the next child an opportunity to play. If your child is unavailable to play when they are called, they will be moved to the bottom of the list except in cases where the conflict is with their own game. Depending on the need for pool players and the number of players on the pool player list, your child might not be called.

· Notification to Player Agent that a Pool Player is Needed: Ideally, the Player Agent will need 48 hours notice to accommodate a team with a Pool Player. Please be sure to notify your Manager immediately if you anticipate a conflict for a game so that the Manager can arrange for a Pool Player if needed.

· Back to Back Games: Pool Players are allowed to play in back to back games (so if your child has a game at 8 AM, they could play another game at 10:30 AM or later).

· Each Division has their own Pool Players: AAA Managers will not pull up players from the AA Pool Player list.
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Big Goals!!!
by posted 01/14/2014

We have some big goals for the next year or two, and we are going to need some big help to pull it all off. If you are willing to contribute some of your time and talent, together we will be able to do some big things. Please , so we can get you on the list and contact you! We are looking for…

  • General Contractors

  • Electricians

  • Plumbers

  • Landscapers

  • Fencing

  • Cabinets/Countertops

  • Appliances/Restaurant business

  • Security/Locksmiths

  • Concrete/Paving

  • Architect/Designer

  • Need an Eagle Scout project?

  • What do you do?

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by posted 03/01/2013

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