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Upcoming Player Training Clinics

We are busy gearing up for the 2015 baseball season and hoping that you are starting to do the same!  Soccer and other fall sports are winding down so now is the perfect time to break out the leather and start getting those arms in shape for the upcoming season!  

With that in mind, we want to make you aware of two training clinics that will take place at the GLL complex.  

  • The first one will occur Sunday, November 23 from 10:00am to 2:00pm at the Max Bear field #2.  This is the field nearest to Murdell Lane.
  • The clinic is being hosted by Norcal Extreme Softball, as a benefit for Eric Fernandez.
  • Former UC Berkeley baseball player, David Buscovich, who is a friend to GLL, along with several former and current Collegiate Baseball Players will run the clinic.
  • There will be a special guest appearance by Marcus Semien from the MLB Chicago White Sox.
  • The Clinic is open for all players age 9-15 years old.
  • This minimum donation for the clinic is $30.00 with all proceeds going to Fernandez family.   (See attached flyer)

The second clinic is being held at GLL Field #2 in conjunction with Little League International and their official training partner, The Baseball Factory.

  • This clinic will be held on Saturday December 6 from 9am to 12pm on GLL Field #2.
  • The clinic is open to all District 57 players, age 10-12 years and spots are limited.
  • Cost is $99.00 per player.
  • Register online at
  • Use promo code LLTOUR25 to get $25.00 off the registration price. (See attached flyer)

Granada Little League is working with other local trainers with the hope of providing more clinics leading up to tryouts.  We will put out more information when we firm up the other clinics.   Until then, find some dirt, and get those gloves out, and start getting ready for another great GLL season!


posted 11/18/2014
Managers, Coaches and Volunteers NEEDED!

Granada Little League is completely run by adult volunteers who serve in a myriad of capacities (umpires, board members, scorekeepers, managers, coaches).  These volunteers are committed to investing in our community and its young and older ballplayers. 
Are you willing to step forward to be one of these volunteers?
We need your help to locate 50-70 high quality individuals, that are good role models, will exemplify good sportsmanship and are willing to teach baseball and more importantly life skills to these kids. 
Concerned about your managing/coaching skills?  Please don’t be, we provide manager/coaches training and boast a solid network of seasoned managers who are willing to come beside you.
If you are interested (or know somebody who would be a great candidate) please respond via email to .

We would request that returning managers also express interest via an email response.

Please include the following:

  • Name
  • Best Contact Number
  • Division you would like to manage

Upper Division Manager Candidates should contact Jr/Sr Commissioner Jim Geyer
The call to the bullpen in the big leagues, often times represents a need for help… and this is no exception.  Please answer the call…
Thanks in advance for your consideration, willingness and commitment to Granada Little League.

by posted 11/13/2014
TOYOTA of Livermore supports GLL!

The Independent, May 15, 2014 - Livermore Toyota has partnered with Granada Little League (GLL) to help support little league baseball for our youth. On May 3, Livermore Toyota presented GLL a check for $10,000 to help improve and maintain the GLL baseball fields and surrounding areas. This partnership will continue for three years, and will provide $30,000 in total to the GLL program. Heath Rickoff, the Business Development Manager for Livermore Toyota, stated, "We are extremely proud to support Granada Little League as a community partner in Livermore. The Sullivan Auto Group has a long history of charity contributions and community service and this gift continues that tradition. Being a large business in this city is not just about profit and loss, but being a part of the place we do business and supportive of all of the residents who have welcomed us here and offered us their amazing support. We look forward to a long partnership with Granada Little League to keep the Little League World Series here in Livermore and help be an active supporter of this great community.” The GLL Board members noted, “The generosity of Livermore Toyota will provide the youth, their families, and friends and opportunity to establish long lasting memories of their children playing baseball at a quality venue. Their involvement with GLL will allow us to continue in providing a special location where players and fans can truly enjoy a special time in our busy lives.”

by posted 05/08/2014
Quick links, and a permanent GLL fundraiser!

I know what you're thinking...
"I wish there was an easy way to get to the GLL information that I need, like game schedules,
from someplace handy... like right on my smart phone or tablet!"

That's a great idea! It just so happens that GLL now has an app for that.
Just download the League Hub app and begin using it to stay on top of GLL happenings You can also make your common purchases at places like Target, Amazon, Best Buy, and over 400 others. It costs you nothing. It's convenient and the easiest fundraiser ever... and it sure solves that lingering thing you have been thinking about!
Click for a video with more information:
This app was designed to provide easy access to the league information you use most often. You can view the master game schedule, contact a board member, see our valuable sponsors, and even jump directly to our 'Friends of GLL' FB page! Consider this app your mobile portal to everything GLL!

You get easy access to the GLL information that you need, and recieve valuable coupons and special offers from local companies!

GLL will receive 50¢ per MONTH for every download! So let's see... Roughly 600 players, plus their families. Let's assume (conservatively) 3 time-sucking gizmos per family. That would be... carry the 1... $900 to GLL EVERY MONTH - automatically -  if everyone just downloaded the app! Download it onto every iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Android device you have... and have everyone you know do it too! They don't have to live in, or have a player in, our league to take advantage of special offers AND raise money for GLL!

PLUS... When you make a purchase using the app, GLL will receive up to 5% of the amount of your on-line purchases! There are over 400 vendors available, including Amazon, Office Max, and Best Buy! IF you are going to buy on line... use this app!

The app currently supports all Apple and Andriod mobile devices. You can click here, or scan the QR code, or find it in your app store. Look for the League Hub badge below. Once you have downloaded it, enter our league code: D57GLL. Then buy stuff.


by posted 03/22/2014
Field Status
GLL Field 1 - Livermore OPEN (11/28) 
GLL Field 2 - Livermore OPEN (11/28) 
GLL Field 3 - Livermore OPEN (11/28) 
GLL Field 4 - Livermore OPEN (11/28) 
MaxBaer1 (call 373-5702) - Livermore OPEN (11/28) 
MaxBaer2 (call 373-5702) - Livermore OPEN (11/28) 
T-ball Field - Livermore OPEN (11/28) 
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